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excerpt from COLD BURN

The woman at Warrenton PD’s front desk unlocked a side door and directed me down a narrow corridor to the last room on the right. As I reached it, the door swung inward on its hinges, and a cop stepped out of the room. He stared openly at me before he turned and headed in the opposite direction. Not hostile but not friendly, either. Cops are rather interesting in that they view civilians as outsiders, and for good reason, considering they’re lied to most days of the week. A healthy dose of skepticism colors their worldview, and generally speaking, they trust no one.

Detective Tyler McPherson, a.k.a. Derek to the druggies, Detective Brandon, and another man I didn’t know had gathered in a conference room. The walls were painted institutional gray to waist height, white above, and the carpet underfoot was an equally dismal blue/gray blend. An audiovisual stand occupied the center of the room and rows of cheap plastic chairs with fold-down desktops stretched to the back wall. Someone had sketched a crude diagram on the blackboard that covered the wall at the head of the room.

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COLD BURN is set in Warrenton, Virginia. Much of my early research for COLD BURN was done on the Internet, but I followed up with a visit to Warrenton and fell in love with this quaint town set east of the Blue Ridge Mountains and in the middle of Virginia horse country.

Speaking of horse country, here's a link to a wonderful tack store in Warrenton:  Horse Country Saddlery. The photo on their home page says it all.

Warrenton, VA

Warrenton Volunteer Fire Company

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